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3D Lamination

iMovR is currently the only standing desk manufacturer that uses 3D lamination, making their desks one of our top picks.

Why 3D Lamination?

More Durable

More Classy

Better Stain And Scratch Resistance


Learn More About 3D Lamination

For years, desks have been made using a process called high-pressure lamination (HPL).  HPL is popular due to its low production cost, but falls far short of the quality, durability, and class of a real wooden desk.  To produce tabletops using HPL, a machine glues a thin sheet of laminate on a particleboard panel.  Because of the low quality nature of particleboard, it’s common to see another sheet glued to the bottom side of the particle board to help hold it all together, protect the wood, and give it that finished look.  After this is done, some edging is added to complete the tabletop.  Today this is the most wide spread process used to make tabletops, but that doesn’t make it the best.  This system has a few flaws.  First, because it’s simply layered surfaces, and the laminate is not flexible, sharp edges are very common.  Secondly, the particle board interior is not very durable, causing it to degrade each time the base needs to be removed from the tabletop.  Regardless of these limitations, most desks on the market today still use this process.

iMovR desks are made with the state of the art, 3D Lamination process.  3D Lamination materials are higher quality and more expensive than HPL materials, and require a large expensive machine that costs well over 1 million dollars.  These high costs deter many desk manufacturers.  iMovR is able to stay competitive while offering this higher quality product by automating the process to a level that saves significantly on labor.

Unlike HPL, which uses particle board, 3D Lamination starts with a solid slab of wood.  This slab then gets shaped with the precision of 1/5000ths of an inch, leaving it smooth, and with contoured edges.  After the wood has been shaped, the Surf(x) 3D laminate is thermofused to contoured slab, under high pressure and temperature.  This process ensures a tight, hermetically-sealed bond.  Because the Surf(x) 3D Laminate is flexible, this bond allows the smooth laminate to grip to every contoured edge, and even the grommet holes, resulting in an end product that looks and feels like a hand carved, wooden desk, while costing around the same price as the lower quality, less durable HPL desktops.

Not only are these tabletops stronger internally, but the Surf(x) 3D laminate itself is also more durable.  This is the same laminate you’ll often find in hospitals, where it’s used due to it’s resistance to chemicals, scratches, and dings.  In fact, 3D laminate is more than three times as wear resistant, and twice as scratch resistant as HPL.  Unlike other desks on the market today, you can spill bleach right on these desktops, and never notice any discoloration!  Because 3D lamination covers the entire surface with one sheet, it also protects the desktop wood better than HPL laminate does.

Due to the high quality nature of these 3D Laminate tabletops, iMovR is able to offer a warranty on them that’s not found anywhere else in the desktop market.  Their 5 year warranty shows that they are ready to stand behind this amazing, durable, classy tabletop.