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Top Ten Ways to Get Fit In The New Year


Daily Grind Health is ALL about staying healthy during our daily lives.  The problem with staying fit is that it takes time, and energy, and thus often gets put on the back burner.  If you can find ways to live healthy WHILE working, you are able to keep yourself healthy all year long.  Here are the top ten ways to stay healthy throughout the year, while working!

10. Use disinfectant to protect from Keyboard and Mouse germs

Research shows that your keyboard and mouse have more harmful germs on them than a toilet seat!  We wash our hands after using the restroom, but we never think about our keyboard and mouse.  Start using disinfectant to keep yourself healthy.

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9. Get Accountability

It's always easiest to slack when you don't have someone checking in on you.  Find a friend or co-worker to check in from time to time, and see how you're doing in following your new healthy habits.  Better yet, find someone to get healthy with!

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8. Take breaks from your monitor to avoid eye strain.

Eye strain is one of those things people rarely think about, but one that should be thought about much more often.  It's easy to avoid eye strain.  Simply take a break from the computer every 50 minutes.  Eye strain can cause headaches, eye soreness and more.  Keep yourself healthy, and take a break from staring at the screen!

Image Source: indianhealthjournal.com

7. Move around, and stretch once an hour

While taking a break from looking at your screen, stretch, and move!  This not only feels good, but is healthy, and gets your blood flowing!

Image Source: www.popsugar.com

6. Avoid Snacking (Prepare healthy snacks in case you need one)

Snacking seems harmless, since we only consume a little at a time, but as we continue to snack, we end up consuming more calories than we realize.  On top of this, many of us choose unhealthy snack options, since those are the options in the vending machines.  Try cutting snacking out of your daily life, and bring healthy options to work with you, so if you do have to snack, you have options.

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5. Get Exercise!

Sometimes the simplest things go the longest way.  Try walking more, taking the stairs instead of the elevator, park further from the building.  These little steps can go a long ways.

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4. Use a Core-Building Chair

Core building chairs, also known as exercise chairs can help strengthen muscles, and keep you active throughout the day.  Most of these chairs can be found here on Daily Grind Health, and are a great way to live a healthier year!

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3. Drink LOTS of water

Water is an important part of healthy living.  Try drinking less pop, and more water.  Don't forget to stop and drink!

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2. Stand at work

One of the main problems with getting exercise is extreme number of hours we work.  The whole time we work, we sit, and stare at a computer screen, getting zero exercise.  Getting a standing desk turns this problem on it's head.  The whole time you're working, you are burning calories, having better posture, and increasing blood flow.  Here at DailyGrindHealth, we have many standing desk options.  Finding the right one for you is easy!

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1. Eat Healthy

Eating healthy takes some planning, but can pay some big benefits.  Make the effort to eat better!

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