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Deluxe Electric Lift Standing Table

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Product Description

Key Selling Points:

Large workspace

Classy and high quality

Packed with features, and very customizable

Intuitive electric lift and controls


All The Facts:

The Deluxe Electric Lift Standing Table by Zero Gravity Tables is a high end standing desktop that offers all the bells and whistles you could possibly imagine.  But lots of features is just the beginning of what this desk offers.  With a workspace larger than almost any other standing desk on the market, and a sleek, classy look and feel that’s backed up with quality design and materials, this desk makes a statement.

Zero Gravity Electric LiftSome of the features offered with the Deluxe Electric Lift Standing Table are the basic features you’d expect from any high end standing desk.  An example of this would be the adjustable height functionality.  These height adjustments are able to be made quickly and easily using the intuitive dashboard controls built into the desk.  The Desk is adjustable anywhere from 24 inches up to 50 inches.  The built in dashboard also provides an LED display to display the exact height the table is currently sitting at, as well as pre-programmable height button settings to store all of your most commonly used heights.  While adjusting to any height, a built in electric motor quietly and smoothly adjusts the desk height to your liking.  This makes switching between sitting and standing a breeze.

The different monitor configurations possible on the Deluxe Electric Lift Standing Table are practically endless.  Of course the normal option of setting the monitors on the desk is an option, but we recommend using one of Zero Gravity Tables’ many desktop monitor mounts.  These mounts complete the classy, sleek image, and are compatible with most monitors.  Using these mounts, you can choose between multiple configurations of single, dual, triple, and even quadruple monitor setups!


zero-gravity-delux-base-electric-lift-elevationThe Deluxe Electric Lift Standing Table offers a spacious work area measuring anywhere from 30 inches deep and 36 inches long to 30 inches deep and 72 inches long depending on your size preference.  By purchasing the keyboard arm and tray, you are able to keep the desk space clean, and free of clutter.  This tray swivels to allow typing from multiple different positions.  If a desktop is being used, and you’re looking a place to store it, the handy CPU holder accessory will allow the desktop to sit right below the desk at all times, regardless of desk position.

zero-gravity-delux-base-electric-lift-elevation-desk-power-usb-charging-unit.jpgTo sweeten the deal, Zero Gravity Tables builds USB and power outlets into the desk itself.  This allows quick and easy charging of cell phones, and other devices right on the desk, without having to worry about a power strip.  Taking innovation a step further, the Deluxe Electric Lift Standing Table’s white table top is made from a unique whiteboard-like surface allowing unlimited note taking and brainstorming space right on the desk itself using dry erase markers!  Once the notes are no longer needed, erase them.

zero-gravity-delux-base-electric-lift-elevation-desk-wheel-kit.jpgWhile desks are often kept stationary, Zero Gravity Tables realizes that sometimes desks will need to be moved.  To help with this process, they have equipped this desk with the ability to use a wheel kit, that adds locking wheels to the desk, making moving the desk much simpler.

On top of all of these features, the Deluxe Electric Lift Standing Table is sleek and classy, and made from all high quality materials.  Zero Gravity Tables is a 100% American business.  Purchase this desk, and you’ll wonder why you waited to long to make the switch!  As always, please feel free to ask us any questions you might have.


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