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$150.00 (Fixed shipping cost)

Product Description


30day.pngThe Omega DENALI is a one of a kind stand/sit desk that uses a manual crank for raising and lowering the desk, and comes with a patent pending, built in keyboard tray for the optimal standing desk experience.


Key Features:

State of the Art Adjustable Keyboard Tray

Classy and quality design

Great warranty!


All The Facts:

While the Omega DENALI excels in many ways, perhaps it’s most notable feature is the patent pending keyboard tray.  Many standing desk owners use adjustable keyboard trays, but these trays are often built with the same ergonomic design that sitting keyboard trays are designed with.  While this is great for sitting desks, research shows that the same keyboard trays do not work as well for standing desks.  Adjustable keyboard trays on the market today have a range up to 15 degrees, while standing desks require 20 to 40 degrees of tilt for optimal ergonomics.  The Omega DENALI makes this possible with it’s built in keyboard tray that allows you to adjust the keyboard at ANY angle you desire.  Because of this, it’s perfect for those standing, walking or sitting.  The steeper inclines offered by Omega DENALI’s built in keyboard tray allows standing and walking users to find a more neutral typing position, which not only helps to minimize hunching, but also puts less strain on on muscles and joints, and eliminates wrist flexion and extension, making it the most healthy keyboard option on the market.

While having a wide range of keyboard angles helps with ergonomics, it also introduces the problem of securing the keyboard to the desk surface.  The Omega DENALI solves this problem with their proprietary, SteadyType technology, which allows the keyboard to rest at angles up to 85 degrees without slipping.  This makes finding the perfect keyboard position easy and hassle free.


The Omega DENALI doesn’t stop at the keyboard!  The position of the mouse matters as well.  In order to help you achieve the most ergonomic mouse position, the Omega DENALI offers two height positions that allow the tray to rest lower than the desk surface.  This allows the DENALI to achieve the same ergonomics that high end ergonomic keyboard trays for sitting desks achieve.

While having a keyboard tray is nice, they tend to cause noticeable monitor shaking on any 2 leg adjustable height desk.  This problem becomes even worse with mounted monitors.  The reason for this stems from the fact that most keyboard trays cause the typing pressure to be be applied far away from the center of the desk.  By integrating the  keyboard tray into the desk, the Omega DENALI is able to significantly reduce this problem by applying the typing pressure much closer to the center of the desk than others are able to.

The Omega DENALI uses the unique, SteadyType tabletop technology with Omega’s exclusive 3D lamination technology, giving it aesthetics above any other desks on the market!  This one of a kind desk surface is more than just pleasing to the eye. With a comfort and durability that’s hard to match, the DENALI’s tabletop is top of the line.  (Learn more about 3d Lamination)

All of the DENALI tabletops are 30 inches deep.  The Omega DENALI comes in four different widths.  The two smaller widths; 42 inches and 48 inches come with one full sealed, extra large grommet hole, while the larger widths: 60 inches, and 72 inches, come with 2 grommet holes.  These holes can either be used to pass cords through, or to install our dual power module for easy plug access right on the desktop.

Regardless of the tabletop size, each Omega DENALI offers a top height of over 49 inches for standing, and a bottom height of 30 inches for sitting.  The keyboard tray is also adjustable, offering two different height settings to help position the keyboard and mouse just right.


Using the Easy Turn Height Adjustment Crank, the Omega DENALI can be positioned anywhere between 49 inches and 30 inches with ease, and can hold up to 200 pounds while being adjusted.  Once the DENALI has been adjusted, and is in it’s stationary position, this weight limit nearly doubles to 390 pounds!  The crank is easy to turn, and only requires three turns per inch, compared to most competitor's five turns per inch.

The DENALI also comes with a great warranty, offering five years on the 3D-laminated tabletops, five years on the frame, and two years on all moving parts.

The Omega DENALI offers many standard finishes, including; woodgrains: clove mahogany, hayward cherry, almond cherry, shaker cherry, light maple and urban walnut, and Solids:  black, white, beige, putty, Shark Gray.  We are also able to offer up to 50 other custom colors for bulk orders.  If you are interested in these custom color options, contact us with details about the size of order you’re interested in.

The color options are just the start of customizing the Omega DENALI.  Want your logo engraved on your desk?  Get it engraved in 3D right on your desk!

The Omega DENALI is much more than just pleasing to the eye.  This desk offers quality not found else where.  The 3D laminate surface is strong and durable, resistant to stains, and chemicals!  (Learn more about 3D Laminates)  The Omega DENALI also excels in the area of quality assembly.  Unlike most other standing desks on the market, which use wood screws to attach the tabletop to the base, the DENALI provides recessed nuts.  This means no degrading screw holes, no sawdust, and no more drilling new holes, when the old holes are too degraded to work.  The DENALI will continue to assemble as if it was the first time it was ever put together.  DENALI backs this up with a full 5 year warranty, making it a no brainer for those looking for a quality desk.

Product Videos

Omega Standing Desk by iMovR (both De 04:01

The Omega line of standing desks by iMovR are the only of their kind. Featuring built in, completely adjustable keyboard trays, powerful lift capabilities, many modification options, and much more, these beautiful standing desks have to be seen to be fully appreciated. See these desks and more at www.dailygrindhealth.com/imovr/

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    The Omega line of standing desks by iMovR are the only of thei...

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