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Stance Move

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Product Description

30day.pngKey Selling Points:

Multiple different positions to allow movement throughout the day

One of the only assisted standing products on the market

Easy to switch between the different positions


All The Facts:

The Stance Move is a one of a kind active, core building chair, from it’s multiple position adjustments, to it’s assisted standing setting and much more.

We can all agree that standing in the workplace is healthy, but changing your stance is also important.  It allows your body to move and adjust.  With this in mind, Healthy Postures designed the only 3 position ergonomic chair currently made.

Many workplaces are moving from sitting desks to standing desks, but research shows that standing all day without moving into other positions is not healthy either.  The human body was not meant to be stationary all day.  The Stance Move is one of the only sit/stand solutions on the market making it very easy to switch things up throughout the day, keep moving, and stay healthy.

The first position offered by the Stance Move is the sitting position.  When in this position, the Stance Move offers similar features to other core building chairs.  It’s backless design, and forward slope helps to build core muscles, and decreases back pain, allowing it to be used for hours on end with great comfort.  This forward sloping design requires your lower leg muscles to work more than they would in a normal sitting position, which helps burn calories, and increase blood flow to the legs.  This over time helps injured legs to heal, and increases overall health.

The Stance Move also offers a kneeling position.  This position is rare in the office chair world, and gives Stance Move users an advantage over those using other core building chairs in the market place.  The kneeling position helps to strengthen lower back muscles, and helps correct poor spinal alignment.

The third position offered by the Stance Move is the assisted standing position.  This is yet another seat position that is very rare even in healthy office environments.  Standing without any assistance for long periods of time can cause muscle fatigue.  The Stance Move solves this problem by offering assisted standing.  This unique solution makes standing for long periods of time easy and comfortable.  

This one of a kind seat comes in two different models.  The first is the 5000 Stance Move, which is recommended for users under 5 feet 10 inches tall.  For those taller than this, we recommend using the Stance Move EXT 5050.

The Stance Move is a one of a kind, 3 position chair, with a lever that makes switching between these positions quick and easy.  Because the Stance Move is made out of high quality steel, it will last for years without any problem.  Healthy Postures provides a 5 year warranty on the Stance Move.  Every Stance move is shipped fully assembled, and completely manufactured in the USA.

Don’t limit yourself to a chair that offers only one position.  Get the Stance Move, and get healthy today!


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