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Product Description



Key Selling Points:

Very stable base

Patented 3D, spring loaded technology for movement in all directions

Completely adjustable

Many different seat options


All The Facts:

The Swopper is a one of a kind seat that offers the best that active seating experience around.  This amazing chair uses a patented, innovative 3D technology that allows the seat to move and react in real time to your every move.

Not only does the Swopper adapt to your movements, but the Swopper’s seat is flexible and adaptive as well.  This results in less pressure on your thighs, which not only encourages additional movement, but also helps to increase blood flow to your legs.

Unlike other active, core building chairs, the Swopper allows adjustments for all directions, allowing you to truly make it your own.  Not only does the Swopper allow height adjustments to be made, but also allows adjustments to vertical swing.  This vertical swing adjustment is made possible by the Swopper’s unique spring loaded base, and helps to promote circulation throughout the body.

The Swopper does not focus on offering an unstable base to increase the movement of the user, instead, it uses it’s unique spring controlled, 3D technology to allow the additional movements that make it such a great core building chair.  This helps to encourage movement and muscle building without the worry of tipping over.  The Swopper does more than simply encourage muscle growth though.  Because the swopper moves in every direction, it not only strengthens muscles, but also trains them, and uses natural motions to improve strength and tone.  The stable base also makes it easy and natural to keep a straight back while making these movements.

When it comes to moving chairs muscle growth is the main thing most people think about.  This isn’t the only health benefit you’ll receive from the Swopper.  The dynamic nature of the Swopper helps to promote active, and healthy ligaments and tendons, helping to prevent tearing.  These movements also help to prevent joint complications in old age.

The Swopper is one of the highest quality, versatile core building chairs made to date, with it’s intuitive design, and 290 pound weight limit.  This is a great seat for anyone looking to live a healthier life.


Models Offered:

Swopper Special Edition:

This fun, one of a kind Swopper helps you make the Swopper your own.  The Swopper Special Edition not only gives you color options for the seat, but also gives you spring color options.  

1-SWUS-01 RED Rouge (Red)
1-SWUS-02 GREY Carbon (Grey)
1-SWUS-06 BLUE Sapphire (Blue)
1-SWUS-07 ORANGE Terrazzo (Orange)
1-SWUS-10 BLACK Nuit (Black)

The Swopper Special Edition offers height adjustments, Spring Tension Adjustments, and Lateral Adjustments, but is not compatible with casters


Swopper - Made to Order:

The Made to Order option provides flexibility and options not otherwise available.  These options include a choice of your base, as well as seat fabric.  Below are the options you can use to make the Made to Order Swopper your own:

1-SWUS-A Anthracite Base Grade 1 Propensity
1-SWUS-A Anthracite Base Grade 1 Hue
1-SWUS-A Anthracite Base Grade 1 Canter
1-SWUS-T Titanium Base Grade 1 Propensity
1-SWUS-T Titanium Base Grade 1 Hue
1-SWUS-T Titanium Base Grade 1 Canter
1-SWUS-00-AAR Anthracite Base with Wheels Grade 1 Propensity
1-SWUS-00-AAR Anthracite Base with Wheels Grade 1 Hue
1-SWUS-00-AAR Anthracite Base with Wheels Grade 1 Canter
1-SWUS-A-GR-6 Anthracite Base Grade 6 Leather
1-SWUS-T-GR-6 Titanium Base Grade 6 Leather
1-SWUS-00-AAR Anthracite Base with Wheels Grade 3 Cashmere Vinyl - Ebony
1-SWUS-00-AAR Anthracite Base with Wheels Grade 3 Cashmere Vinyl - Bone
1-SWUS-00-AAR Anthracite Base with Wheels Grade 3 Cashmere Vinyl - Ocean Blue
1-SWUS-00-AAR Anthracite Base with Wheels Grade 6 Leather


Swopper AIR:

The Swopper AIR takes the already amazing Swopper to the next level.  This high tech version of the swopper builds high end cushioning and air climate control into the cushion itself, truly making it the ultimate seat.  These Swoppers are available in with both plain and wheel bases.  Below are the Swopper AIR models:

1-SWUS-AIR No Wheels Silver
1-SWUS-AIR No Wheels Stone Grey
1-SWUS-AIR No Wheels Lime Green
1-SWUS-AIR-R With Wheels Silver
1-SWUS-AIR-R With Wheels Stone Grey
1-SWUS-AIR-R With Wheels Lime Green



Swopper Saddle:

The Swopper Saddle adds an additional 4 inches to the traditional saddle, and opens up the hips to move freely.  This new and interesting twist on the classic Swopper comes with a black leather seat, and has a “wheels” option as well.



Mfg: aeris GmbH

All Images are copyrighted by aeris

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