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TR 1200-DT3 Treadmill

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Product Description

TR 1200-DT3

The TR 1200-DT3 is a great treadmill for those looking for a bit more walking space, and some higher quality parts. This LifeSpanFitness treadmill supports 50 more pounds than it’s little sibling the TR 800-DT3, offers a slightly wider track, among other upgrades.

Key Features:

  • High Quality
  • Can be used with any standing desk.
  • Features not found elsewhere, utilizing patented technology

All The Facts:

With the TR 1200-DT3, you can use your existing standing desk, and simply add the one missing component, a treadmill! The TR 1200-DT3 offers similar features to the TR 800, but includes some enhancements such as a more powerful drive motor, more track width and the like, making it a great option for those looking to upgrade their current TR 800.

The Treadmill:

The TR 1200-DT3 is the perfect treadmill for those looking for a more robust option, but not able to spend the big bucks. This high end treadmill offers 2-ply tread, to ensure a long life, 6 compression shocks for the deck to give some cushion to the walk, and take pressure off your knees and joints, and a powerful motor to power it all. Walking speeds between 0.4 miles per hour and 4 miles per hour are able to be chosen with the press of a button. The TR 1200-DT3 offers the same unique, innovative features it’s sibling the TR 800 offers. One of the main reasons we love LifeSpanFitness’ treadmills!

By utilizing state of the art, patented technology, the TR 1200 is able to detect when you step, and when you stop stepping. By using this information, it’s able to offer the unique. Intelli-Guard, which senses when you stop walking and stops the treadmill automatically. This feature works at speeds of 1 mile per hour or faster. The TR1200-DT3 will beep 5 times when Intelli-Guard is about to kick in as a warning.

By using the same patented technology used for Intelli-Guard, the TR 1200 is also able to count steps taken, and with this information, along with the operator’s weight, is able to better calculate calories burned, distance walked and much more.

The TR 1200 embraces the mobile world by incorporating bluetooth into it’s treadmill. This allows you to see on your smartphone all your stats in real time!

TR1200-DT3 Base Console

The Console:

The TR 1200 offers two different consoles depending on the model chosen. The DT3 model offers a stand alone console. This is great for those who already own a standing desk. Simply slide the TR 1200-DT3 under your desk, and place the console on your standing desk and you’re set! The other models: DT5 and DT7 offer consoles built right into the standing desks that can be purchased with these treadmills. Regardless of the model chosen, the features offered are the same.
Before using the console, the treadmill itself must be turned on. This is done flipping the switch on the front right of the treadmill to the on position. Once the treadmill is on, the safety key needs to be inserted into the console. Once these steps are completed, the console is ready to use!
The TR 1200 console offers five different features, and a red LED screen to track progress. The first of these is the Start/On button. If the treadmill is in sleep mode (the console is off) holding down on the Start/On button for 5 seconds wakes the console up, at which point a simple press of the button starts the treadmill. Next on the control panel is the Enter/Mode button. This allow you to quickly change what the screen displays, and lets you choose between time, steps, calories, distance,and speed. Holding down on the button will cycle these times.
The third button is Stop/Pause. A long press on this button will reset the stats and pause the treadmill, while a single, short press will simply pause the treadmill without resetting any of the stats.
Next we have the ∧∨ button. This button controls the speed of the treadmill, and can also be used to select the operator’s weight to help with accurate stats. The last option on the console is the bluetooth button. This allows you to turn bluetooth on or off. If you decide to turn it on, you’ll have access to all the stats on Bluetooth capable devices such as smartphones and tablets.

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