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TR 800-DT3 Treadmill

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Product Description

TR800 DT3 Features

The TR 800-DT3 is LifeSpan’s base Treadmill model. This treadmill is the perfect option for those looking to save some money, but still looking for a quality product. LifeSpan is top of the line, and will last you for years to come.

Key Features:

  • Can be used with any standing desk.
  • Affordable, and high quality
  • Patented technology used for innovative features


All The Facts:

The TR 800-DT3 is LifeSpan’s light use treadmill, designed to be used with almost any standing desk on the market today. Simply slide the treadmill under the desk, and you’re good to go! Just because the TR 800-DT3 is the base model, doesn’t mean it lacks features. This treadmill is packed full of them!


The Treadmill:

The TR 800-DT3 treadmill offers many state of the art, innovative features, and offers walking speeds from 0.4 miles per hour, up to 4 miles per hour. These speeds are perfect for walking while working, and allows the operator to focus on their work while still burning calories. The tread used on the TR 800-DT3 is a quality 2-ply tread, ensuring a long lasting product. The deck uses 6 compression shocks to suspend the deck, keeping it comfortable, and healthy for your knees and joints. Below we will detail out some innovative features the TR 800-DT3 is known for.
This feature uses cutting edge technology that’s patented by LifeSpan, to detect when you stop walking, and automatically pauses the treadmill! This safety feature keeps the operator from tripping, or falling, and can’t be found anywhere else. The Intelli-Guard feature works when the speed of the treadmill is 1 mile per hour or faster. When Intelli-Guard is about to kick in, you will hear 5 quick beeps, letting you know that the treadmill is about to stop.

The Intelli-Step feature also uses technology patented by LifeSpan to detect when your foot strikes the treadmill. Using this technology, the TR 800-DT3 is able to count your steps to help you keep track of calories burned, distance walked, and number of steps. Lightweight users (under 110 pounds) may not see accurate results. Result accuracy may vary when used under 1 mile an hour as well.

The treadmill base also has a bluetooth transmitter, which allows you to view real-time stats on your smartphone or tablet!


The Console:

The console used with the TR 800-DT3 can be set on any other standing desk, allowing the treadmill portion to be used with any standing desk. The TR 800 DT5 and DT7 models have the console built into the standing desk.
Regardless of the model used, the treadmill needs to be turned on before the console can communicate with it. To turn the treadmill on, you will need to move the switch on the front right corner of the treadmill to the on position. Once this is done, you’ll want to insert the safety key into the console. At this point in time, the console is ready to use.
The console buttons are the same regardless of which model purchased (DT3, DT5, or DT7). The TR 800 offers a “Start/On” button, which can turn the console on. If the console is sleeping, this button needs to be held down for 3 seconds to turn the console on. If the treadmill is off, but the console is on, simply pressing Start will start the treadmill.
The Enter/Mode button toggles between time, steps, calories, distance, speed, or allows all of these to scroll every 5 seconds. Using the Stop/Pause button allows the user to pause or stop the treadmill without having the stats reset. To reset stats, hold the Stop/Pause button for 3 seconds. The ∧∨ button will allow you to adjust your weight (for accurate calorie calculations), or adjust the speed of the treadmill depending on when it’s used. Lastly, the Bluetooth button allows the treadmill to be paired with bluetooth compatible devices for personal stat viewing.
Besides offering all of these features, the console also offers a red LED screen to show you stats right on the console.

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